Rakuten's Official Overseas Delivery Service

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About coupons

Use coupons distributed by Rakuten Global Express to save even more on overseas shipping.

0 yen service use handling fee!
* Only usable by Rakuten members.

Save on shipping fees!
* Cannot be used when purchasing products.

Coupons cannot be used if the shipping method is "Auto Pack"
* Only usable with "Manual Ship".

How to use the coupon


Open the promotion page

Banners and links leading to the promotion page on the site, such as the main page, will be displayed during the promotion period.

Log in

Log in with Rakuten Global Express user ID

Please log in using your User ID. If you do not have an ID yet, please register as a member (free) here.


Obtain coupon

Coupons can be obtained by clicking the "obtain coupon" button on the coupon promotion page.
Coupons that you obtain can be checked from the My Coupon page at any time.


Shop at a Japanese online store

Shop at a Japanese online store and set "address for purchases" as the delivery address.
* When purchasing products, Rakuten Global Express coupons cannot be used.


Packaging requests with Rakuten Global Express

Parcels delivered in storage boxes dedicated for customers will be displayed on My page . Please submit a packaging request.

My Page

Request for your parcel to be shipped

Please complete the shipping procedure for your parcel.


During payment, use your coupon

Please select the coupon you wish to use on the payment screen for the parcel that you submitted a shipping request to Rakuten Global Express for.


Points to note

  • Coupons can only be used during payment on Rakuten Global Express.
  • Regardless of the reason, requests for the reissuance of coupons or application of discounts not fulfilling the conditions of the promotion will not be entertained.
  • To use coupons, membership registration with Rakuten Global Express is necessary ( click here to register as a member for free ).
  • If you do not fulfill the conditions for the use of the coupons, the coupons that you have obtained will not be displayed on the payment screen. Please check the conditions for obtaining and using each coupon.
  • Customers who have their shipping method to be "Auto Pack" are unable to use shipping discount coupons. If you wish to use a coupon and your shipping method is set to auto, please change it to "Manual Ship" through the shipping settings page before making a packaging request.
  • The actual discounted amount will be calculated in Japanese yen.