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Helpful Information

About Rakuten Global Express

Rakuten Global Express is an overseas delivery (forwarding) service for customers who shop on Japanese e-commerce websites.

Shopping at Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Books

Please note that delivery dates cannot be specified.
The warehouse of the service will refuse to receive items you purchased if you choose payment methods such as cash on delivery, freight collect, and e-Collect. (We will not pay on behalf customers.)
Even if items you purchased are non-refundable, we are not responsible for paying you back for items or delivery charges.

How to shop at Rakuten Ichiba

Restricted & Prohibited Items

The service may not be available for items regulated by the destination country / region. Please check the laws and regulations of the destination country / region before you purchase.

Restricted & Prohibited Items

About Payment & Fees

You can pay easily and securely, by credit card registered with your Rakuten user ID, Paypal, Alipay, and Rakuten Points.
You may be charged extra for returns (including failures of clearing customs) or a change of the receiver’s address.
You may be subject to customs duties depending on the item and the destination country / region.

Payment Methods


About Packing & Delivery

  • You cannot group multiple items if you have selected Auto Pack.
  • If you have selected Manual Pack, you need to give us packing instructions for every purchase. Otherwise the packing process will not start.
  • If you have selected Auto Ship, shipment requests and payments will be automatically made based on your designation of delivery destination, delivery method, credit card, and the maximum amount.
  • If you have selected Manual Ship, your items will not be shipped until you choose a delivery method and a payment method (credit card or Rakuten Points).

Delivery Preference Setting

About ID Verification

Based on the amendment to the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds effective as of April 1, 2013, users of this service, even in case of residing outside of Japan, are required to perform the “Identify verification procedure.”

ID Verification