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Products that cannot be delivered overseas

As Rakuten Global Express is an international shipping service, some deliveries may not be possible even for already purchased items depending on the delivery regulations and the regulations of the destination country/region. Please check the laws and regulations of the destination country/region before making a purchase.

Caution: the following products cannot be delivered overseas

  • Fully wireless earbudsFully wireless earbuds
    (products that use lithium batteries)
  • Antiseptic solution that contains alcohol,Wet wipes that contain an alcohol componentAntiseptic solution that contains alcohol
    Wet wipes that contain an alcohol component
  • Electronic cigarettesElectronic cigarettes
    (products that use lithium batteries)
  • Manicures, gel nailsManicures, gel nails
  • Video game consolesVideo game consoles
    (products that use lithium batteries)
  • SpeakersSpeakers
  • Mobile batteriesMobile batteries
    (products that use lithium batteries)
  • Alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 25% or higherAlcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of 25% or higher
  • Perfumes, room fragrancesPerfumes, room fragrances
  • Hair color, hair dye, hair growth formulaHair color, hair dye, hair growth formula
  • Spray cansSpray cans (cosmetics, hair care items, pesticides, etc.)
  • Plants/seeds with soilPlants/seeds with soil

Frozen and Refrigerated Products

We cannot accept refrigerated or frozen product deliveries. Even if your goods are delivered refrigerated or frozen, product storage and international shipping will be carried out at room temperature.

Items that cannot be delivered according to laws/treaties

Items Examples of things that cannot be delivered
Explosives and hazardous materials Gunpowder Fuses, smoke bombs, ammunition, fireworks, squibs, etc.
Gases Gas cylinders, spray cans, lighter gas refill, diving cylinders, etc.
Inflammable liquid Perfumes, nail polish, lacquer, lighter fuel, etc.
Combustible solids, spontaneous‐ignitable substances, materials which generate inflammable gas upon contact with water Matches, charcoal, products using charcoal, materials such as magnesium, calcium, etc.
Oxidizers and organic peroxides Small oxygen generators, peroxides, bleach, etc.
Poisons and infectious materials Solid disinfectants, compounds of mercury, rat poisons, disinfectants, etc.
Radioactive materials Uranium, plutonium, etc.
Corrosive materials Liquid cells, compounds of mercury, etc.
Other toxic substances and goods including environmental toxins Asbestos, solid carbon dioxide (dry ice), etc.
Narcotics Narcotics and psychotropic drugs
Animals and plants Live animals and plants, dead or taxidermy animals
Obscene goods Obscene or immoral articles
Articles against the Washington Convention Ivories, tortoiseshell work, goods using leather made from ostrich, crocodile, etc. Cosmetics and herbal medicines containing the above are also regulated.*Please check here for more details.
Valuables, etc. Cash, checks, bills, stocks and other securities
Cards Cards such as credit cards, cash cards, etc. and passbooks or cards issued by financial institutions for withdrawal
Personal letters Letters or communication methods determined as letters according to the existing laws
Swords and firearms Guns, swords, arms, and weapons
Alcohol Alcohol, cosmetics, and other related items containing 25% or higher alcohol

Items that cannot be delivered depending on the country/region such as prohibited items

About delivery of items containing lithium-ion batteries

Please confirm the three points below.

Is it within the specified electrical capacity?
  • ・Lithium-ion battery pack (battery): 100Wh (watt-hours) or less
  • * Laptops and mobile phones mostly use this type.
  • * The casing’s exterior must show the watt-hour rating.
  • ・Lithium-ion single battery (cell) 20Wh (watt-hours) or less
Is it within the quantity limit?
  • ・In case of lithium batteries,one package can contain up to two of them. (See here for laptops and mobile phones.)
  • *Please contact customer support in advance if you wish to send a lot of packages at the same time.
Is it attached to the device?
  • ・For shipment, lithium cells need to be embedded(or built) in devices.
  • ・When ordering a laptop computer or mobile phone, please check if lithium batteries are inserted in the appliance.
  • ・We attach batteries to devices upon shipment. Please note that we need to unbox your purchased items for this purpose.


*Please also note that portable chargers for mobile phones or smartphones cannot be sent via international mail as they are considered “battery units.”
*Household electrical appliances such as gaming consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS4, etc.) cannot be shipped because they contain batteries that exceed the deliverable quantity.
If you would like delivery, please contact customer support in advance.

*Although button cell lithium batteries are not counted towards the "number limit" on this page, they must be built in or inserted into the appliances.
*If you are not sure whether the above applies to the device (battery) you would like to send, please contact customer support in advance.

For more details, please visit the Japan Post website. (Go to the Japan Post website in PDF format)
»Conditions for shipment of lithium cells via international mail