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Inquiries for Business Users

For shop operator at Rakuten Ichiba/EC site operator/manufacturing and wholesale businesses

Would you like to increase sales of your products to Rakuten members all over the world?
Rakuten provides the following support and consultation according to your company's needs. Please feel free to contact us.

・About sale to international

Proxy payment service

・Marketing activities for Rakuten members all over the world

・Crossborder logistics outsourcing

・Advertisements on our website

Companies considering using the service as a welfare program

How about using Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Global Express for international delivery support for your expatriates?

»Click here to learn more about our international shipping service for expatriates.

Companies considering focusing travelers in Japan

Want to grow your business by focusing travelers in Japan?
Rakuten Global Express offers an overseas delivery service for purchases made during the trip in Japan.

»Service for Japan Traveler

Inquiries for Business Users

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