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Rakuten Global Express can consolidate orders made at multiple online stores in Japan, and ship out in one package.

Please input your personal address in Japan issued by Rakuten Global Express when you shop at online stores.

Rakuten official service
Purchase information is automatically linked with Rakuten services!
We sync your purchase information made at Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten Books and Rakuten 24. No need for pre-registration at My Page before your package arrives at our warehouse.
* Products purchased on other websites must be registered.

»Pre-registration of package information

*Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten 24 accept credit cards issued overseas.
*Rakuten Books and Rakuten 24 accept proxy payment service. You can make purchases using cash on delivery (C.O.D.).
General online shopping
Household goods
Sports and outdoor
Toys and hobbies
Books, CDs, and DVDs


*Japanese online stores that are not listed here are also available.
*Some services may not accept credit cards issued overseas. Please check each service's regulations in advance.
*It may not be possible to ship some products from Japan due to shipping regulations, laws, etc. Please also confirm the pages below.
»Products that cannot be delivered overseas  »Available Countries / Regions
*Items purchased from auctions and flea markets are not accepted and will not be shipped through Rakuten Global Express.

Simply choose your preferred method of shipping.

2 easy steps to international shipping

1. Shop online using your personal forwarding address issued by Rakuten Global Express.
2. Then tell us on how you want to ship and save.

Get savings by consolidating your purchases from different Rakuten Shops into one shipment!