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User guide

Each user guide explains many of the questions you may have whether it is your first time or just returning.

How it works

First time visit? This section explains the overall process on how to enjoy Rakuten Global Express.

Packing Methods

Learn how to consolidate packages, packing options, and auto-packing.

Shipping Methods

Learn about available shipping methods and how to set up auto shipping.

Payment Methods

This section explains about payment methods that we provide. It also talks about how to earn and use Rakuten Points.


So how much does it cost to ship to my destination? You can take a look and compare pricing among the shipping methods we have.

Coupons - How to Use

Use coupons distributed by Rakuten Global Express to save even more on international shipping.

Restricted & Prohibited Items

Careful. There are some items that we can't ship. Please take a look before you shop.

Available Countries / Regions

Wondering if we can ship to your country/region? Please check this page for the latest countries we support.

ID Verification

We need to know who you are. This section explains each steps and details of documents needed to verify who you are which the law requires us to do.

Customer Protection

In the unlikely event that there is a delivery defect or damage to the product, you may make a request for compensation service.

Proxy Payment service

Payment Agency Service is a service that allows you to apply in advance in order to purchase items from qualifying shops by "Cash On Delivery".

About Rakuten Global Express

What is Rakuten Global Express and how is it different with others? Take a look.

Online Shops

Enjoy shopping at Rakuten online shopping sites with Rakuten points,and popular Japanese online shopping sites.

Service for Japan Traveler

Enjoy hands-free travel in Japan! We deliver products purchased during your travel to your home.

Contact Us

We are more than happy to help. Let us know if you have any questions or problems.

Business User Guide

Please click here to learn more about our services for business users.