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Country/Region Guide

El Salvador

Please check the following regulations concerning transportation and import/export before sending a package to this country/region.
Although we try our best to provide accurate information, please note that laws and regulations of countries/regions may change without notice. Be sure to check import regulations, etc. of the country/region of your package destination when using the service.
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Food △ Extracts
△ Coffee beans
△ Sugars or sweeteners intended as food coloring, sucrose, beet sugar, saccharin, or the by-products thereof
Pharmaceutical products, contact lenses, and nursing products x Contraceptive or abortifacient drugs or devices
△ Chemicals, chemical goods, and pharmaceuticals
Liquors and tobacco products x Cigarette rolling papers
x Articles used for producing wine
x Concentrated wine that may be diluted and sold as a foreign product
△ Alcoholic beverages with 45% alcohol content or greater
△ Spirits/distilled liquor made from sugarcane
Printed matter x Correspondence of an immoral, detrimental, or anti-democratic nature or publications (newspapers, books, magazines, pamphlets, prints, etc.) having such a nature
x Documents, books, posters, or other printed material containing ideologies contrary to said country’s political, social, and economic order
Electronic equipment, furniture, household items, etc. x Machinery or apparatus for the manufacture of currency
△ Machinery and apparatus for distillation
△ Machinery and apparatus for prepayment of fees
Other goods x Implements for gambling
x Films contrary to social standards
△ Currency
△ Stamps
△ Saltpeter, potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate salts

The following articles cannot be shipped to any country/region.

  • Gases (gas cylinders, spray cans, lighter gas refill, diving cylinders, etc.)
  • Inflammable liquid (perfumes, nail polish, lacquer, lighter fuel, etc.)
  • Combustible solids, spontaneous‐ignitable substances, materials which generate inflammable gas upon contact with water (matches, charcoal, products using charcoal, materials such as magnesium, calcium, etc.)
  • Oxidizers and organic peroxides (small oxygen generators, peroxides, bleach, etc.)
  • Poisons and infectious materials (solid disinfectants, compounds of mercury, rat poisons, disinfectants, etc.)
  • Radioactive materials (uranium, plutonium, etc.)
  • Corrosive materials (liquid cells, compounds of mercury, etc.)
  • Other toxic substances and goods including environmental toxins
  • Narcotics and psychotropic drugs
  • Live animals and plants, dead or taxidermy animals
  • Obscene or immoral articles
  • Articles against the Washington Convention
    (ivories, tortoiseshell work, goods using leather made from ostrich, crocodile, etc. Cosmetics and herbal medicines containing the above are also regulated.)
    * Read this for more details.
  • Cash, checks, bills, stocks and other securities
  • Cards such as credit cards, cash cards, etc. and passbooks or cards issued by financial institutions for withdrawal
  • Letters or communication methods determined as letters according to the existing laws
  • Guns, swords, arms, and weapons

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