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Packing & Delivery Mode

Tell us your delivery preference, whether it be combining all your packages to save or to ship out right away.

Simply choose from three delivery methods.

We don't want you to go through the hassle of choosing from many options. We made it simple and selected three of the best options to meet your needs.

The fastest delivery! Express shipping.(EMS)

The best value for your money! Economy Air shipping. (SAL or Airmail or ECMS)

Cheap delivery for bulky orders! Surface shipping

About Pricing

Delivery Preference Setting

Select Auto Pack & Ship mode and save time and the hassle of telling us each time how to pack and ship. With this feature you can shop on Rakuten Ichiba and simply wait for the packages to arrive at your door step. Easy!

How to set Delivery Preference

You can set your delivery preference on Personal Setting in My Page.

Auto Pack

We will start packing right away once the items arrive at RGX warehouse. For this mode, we can not combine packing and shipping.

Manual Pack

You can tell us how you want us to pack all your items. For combined shipping please use this mode.

Auto Ship

After we pack, we will ship out right away based on your delivery method preference:

・The fastest delivery! Express shipping.(EMS)
・The best value for your money! Economy Air shipping. (SAL or Airmail)
・Cheap delivery for bulky orders! Surface shipping

Manual Ship

If you would like to choose the delivery method for each package each time, please choose this mode.

Combined packing fees\0

Combining Shipments

[Proceed to Request Packing from the My Packages page.]
“List of items” screen
[Choose and click on the items that you would like to combine.]
“Combined packing” screen
[Confirm and done. We have received your packing request. Now let's proceed to the shipping process.]
“Your packing order has been received” screen

About our Packing Process

We take great care of your items by securely packing for oversea deliveries. But sometimes it is unforutnate that packages do not arrive as we want them to (e.g. damaged, lost, etc.). Therefore all our deliveries are covered with our Customer Protection plan so you don't have to worry about it.
*The insurance coverage limit depends on the shipping method.

About our Customer Protection plan