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Delivery charges by country/region

Shipping fees to Russia

These are the shipping fees to Russia. There are no additional fees for package consolidation or shipping insurance.
*Please check the Shipping Insurance page for more information about what the insurance covers and the insurance limit.

Check the export and import regulations of Russia here.

Available shipping methods and fees

Available shipping methods and rates for shipments to Russia are listed below.

For more information on each shipping method, please click here.

There are currently no shipping methods available in Russia

Earn and use Rakuten Points

You will earn 1% of the total amount you spent as regular points.
You can earn an additional 1% of points (limited time points) when you pay with Rakuten Card or Taiwan Rakuten Card.
You can also redeem your points to pay for Rakuten Global Express fees.

Earn and Use on

Charges to be paid to Rakuten Global Express (shipping charges from warehouse to destination and optional charges)
*Cannot be redeemed to pay for merchandise, import taxes, etc. (import duties, other taxes and fees).

When do I earn?

Points equivalent to 1% of the total amount spent will be reflected in "Available Points" 20 days after the payment is confirmed.
Points earned by Rakuten Card and Taiwan Rakuten Card will be reflected in "Available Points" at the end of the month following the date of payment, in addition to regular points.