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We sought to devise a simplified payment structure as want to make it as quick and reliable as possible to use.
Multiple packages can be put together with absolutely no additional fees.

Delivery Fees

You can choose your preferred shipping method based on delivery times, prices, and services.

*Japanese consumption tax does not apply for Rakuten Global Express fees.

Other Fees

About packing options

Item Price
Packing Options Discard inner boxes and shoe boxes Free
Discard flyers and catalogs Free
Discard receipt, warranty card Free
Waterproof bag 200 JPY
Irregular package (long, thin, and flat items that are difficult to pack in regular boxes such as golf clubs, etc.) 1,500JPY
Protective packing 5.0kg or less 400JPY
5.1kg-10.0kg 600JPY
10.1kg or more 800JPY
Priority packing 1,000 JPY
Tax administration fee 500 JPY will be charged with Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Value Added Tax (VAT).
Individual repackaging of items 500 JPY (Selecting items separately will incur this fee)
Export customs declaration on behalf of users for items that are valued over 200,000 JPY 2,800 JPY
Irregular Fee Repackaging items and domestic forwarding, disposal, etc 1,000 JPY
In addition to the irregular commission fee the actual cost (domestic shipping fee, disposal fee) will be charged.

*When you select "Discard inner boxes and shoe boxes", "Discard flyers and catalogs", "Discard receipt, warranty card" options and damage occurs to the product during shipping, our compensation service may not apply.
Click here for “Rakuten Ease of Mind Shopping Service.”

*When you select "Discard inner boxes and shoe boxes", "Discard flyers and catalogs", "Discard receipt, warranty card" options, we will determine which items to be disposed. (It is not possible that you specify which items to be disposed.)

*The "Waterproof bag" option involves wrapping all the items in a large plastic bag to protect them from water outside. Please note that it does not provide waterproofing for each individual item inside the bag.

*The "Waterproof bag" option does not guarantee complete waterproofing. Please note that the items may get wet depending on the cargo handling during shipping.

*About the "Irregular package", if the item cannot be packed in regular-sized boxes, an irregular package fee of 1,500 JPY will apply. Please note that we may not be able to pack or ship items depending on their size and weight. If you need assistance, please contact customer support.

*Examples of products: long, thin and flat items such as golf clubs, interior materials, etc.

*Even if you select the "Protective packing" option, we may not use a designated box if the package we receive at the warehouse is already strong enough, or if the item cannot fit into a designated box due to its size or shape. In such cases, the option fee will not be charged.

*The "Protective packing" option includes a designated box made with special materials to ensure the package's strength. However, it does not guarantee that all problems will be prevented during shipping.

*For the "Protective packing" option, we will determine which items to pack with the designated box.

*Please refer to the estimated time for packing completion below.

Time of packing request Estimated time to complete packing
Request by 09:00 (JST) Packing completed by 12:00 (JST) on the same day
Request by 12:00 (JST) Packing completed by 14:00 (JST) on the same day
Request by 14:00 (JST) Packing completed by 16:00 (JST) on the same day
Request by 16:00 (JST) Packing completed by 18:00 (JST) on the same day

We may not be able to complete packing by the time specified above if it is peak season and/or we need to contact you to complete packing. In such cases, the option fee will not be charged.

In the event that a customer suffers damages due to reasons attributable to the Company in connection with the Service, but such damages are not caused by the Company's willful misconduct or gross negligence, the damages subject to compensation shall be limited to direct and ordinary damages that actually occur.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) / Value-Added Tax (VAT)

Depending on the destination country, shipped packages will be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Value-Added Tax (VAT).
Although the taxes shall be paid by the customer, Rakuten Global Express may request advance payment for the following countries:

Australia,New Zealand,United Kingdom,Singapore

About Custom Duties

Recipients of international shipping may be subject to customs duties, other taxes and public charges as well as fees. We are not capable of answering any questions related to whether customs duties are applicable or not, or how much they would be because such matters are up to the decision of customs or other public institutions of the destination countries/regions. Please consult customs of the destination countries/regions.

About handling of items subject to customs duties

Customs officers at the destination country/region may determine that customs duties are chargeable depending on the item. Please note that recipients are liable for such customs duties.
How customs duties can be paid varies depending on the country/region, e.g., paying the delivery person upon delivery, paying by using a transfer form which will be mailed later.
Please note that we are not capable of answering whether a particular item is subject to customs duties or not as it is up to customs of the destination countries/regions and we are do not have the information before the shipment.
For the above reason, if the sender (the user of the service) and the recipient are not the same, the sender is advised to inform the recipient of the coming arrival of a shipment in advance.
Tariff rates of countries/regions are available at JETRO’s website.

About handling of items which failed to clear customs

Your shipment may not clear customs and be returned to us, or in the worst-case, may be confiscated at the local customs office. In such case, we will not be able to provide guidance for any measures and refunds. However, if your shipment has been returned to us, we are able to re-send or forward it to a domestic destination upon your request. If we do not receive any request within 30 days from the return of the shipment we will need to dispose the items. (In such case, irregular commssion fees and the actual cost will apply and will be charged to users.)

Earn and use Rakuten Points

You will earn 1% of the total amount you spent as regular points.
You can earn an additional 1% of points (limited time points) when you pay with Rakuten Card or Taiwan Rakuten Card.
You can also redeem your points to pay for Rakuten Global Express fees.

Earn and Use on

Charges to be paid to Rakuten Global Express (shipping charges from warehouse to destination and optional charges)
*Cannot be redeemed to pay for merchandise, import taxes, etc. (import duties, other taxes and fees).

When do I earn?

Points equivalent to 1% of the total amount spent will be reflected in "Available Points" 20 days after the payment is confirmed.
Points earned by Rakuten Card and Taiwan Rakuten Card will be reflected in "Available Points" at the end of the month following the date of payment, in addition to regular points.