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Identity Verification

Based on the amendment to the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds effective as of April 1, 2013, users of this service, even in case of residing outside of Japan, are required to perform the “Identify verification procedure.”

Information required at the time of identification verification

The following information requires verification by official documents.
・Date of birth
・Current address
Please file documents which contain these pieces of information from My Page before using the service for the first time.

Examples of documents for verification

・Driver’s license
・National Identification Card
・Receipt or bill of phone, electricity, gas, etc.
・Receipt or bill issued by a financial institution
* Please block out information not required for the purpose of identification verification with sticky notes or some other means when making a photocopy.
If you do not have a single document containing all the information listed above, you can file more than one document for identity verification.
* Addresses other than the “Current address” you provide in this procedure can be used as delivery destinations as well.
* However, the delivery address for the first time you use the service must be the “Current address” you provide in this procedure.