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About Rakuten Global Express

Rakuten Global Express is Rakuten’s official forwarding service providing international shipping for goods purchased on Japanese e-commerce websites. We will combine shipments free of charge so that you can shop from all of your favorite Rakuten Ichiba merchants and still save. You can send as many items as you want - even just one item!

Fast Shipping

We ship in one day at the earliest! Auto Packing & Auto Shipping

Select Auto Pack & Auto Ship mode and there will be no hassle in telling us how and when you want your packages. Once the packages arrive at our warehouse, we will ship out right away.

About Auto Packing/Auto Shipping

Because it's Rakuten's official service, all your purchase information on Rakuten will automatically be linked with Rakuten Global Express!

all your purchase information on Rakuten will automatically be linked and displayed on My Page of Rakuten Global Express. There's no need to register these products in advance.
* Products purchased on other websites must be registered.

Simply choose your preferred method of shipping.

2 easy steps to international shipping

1. Shop online using your personal forwarding address issued by Rakuten Global Express.
2. Then tell us on how you want to ship and save.

How It Works

Simply choose from one of the delivery methods below.

Since there are lots of delivery methods, you may be wondering which to choose... At Rakuten Global Express, you can choose from 4 of our delivery methods.
This service may be unavailable depending on the country or region. Please refer to the Available Countries / Regions Page for details.

Delivered in the fastest!
Delivery status updated on a daily basis

Super Express

Super Express

Speed ​​shiping by EMS!

Standard Express

Super Express

Delivering via airmail at a great price

Economy Air

Super Express

Delivering slowly via surface mail at a great price


Super Express
Dates*1 1-3 days Within four days -1 week Within 2 weeks 30-90 days about
Weight Limit*2
Weight limit: up to about 70kg
Size limit: Delivery of large baggage available
Weight limit: Up to about 30 kg
Size limit: Large items cannot be delivered
Weight limit: Up to about 30 kg
Size limit: Large items cannot be delivered
Weight limit: Up to about 30 kg
Size limit: Large items cannot be delivered
Deliverable products It depends on the destination. For more information, please check the Available Countries / Regions Page
Delivery company*3 DHL · FedEx Mail (EMS) Mail (International ePacket, Small Packets Airmail・Economy Air SAL) · ECMS Mail (Small Packets Surface mail)

*1 The delivery time will vary depending on the country or area of destination.
*2 The size and weight restrictions vary depending on the delivery destination. Please use the Pricing Calculator to check if your package can be sent.
*3 Rakuten Global Express will choose the most appropriate courier company according to your delivery destination and package type.
*There are restrictions for the items that can be delivered via Super Express. (Circumstances may prevent the delivery of food products, cosmetics, and more)
*Large packages will be delivered via Super Express.

Shipping Methods

Easy-to-understand fee structure

Free consolidation for easier and cheaper shipping!

Products purchased from multiple online shopping sites can be combined for free! It is easy to understand and very cost-effective!

Combined packing fees\0

Optional services are also available

You can select optional services for weight saving, protective packing, waterproof bag, etc. (Additional fees may apply.)
Please refer to the "Packing Method" page.


Dedicated to a Reliable Delivery Experience

We know that international shipping is worrisome. Products purchased on Rakuten will be insured at no additional cost.

In the unlikely event that there is a delivery defect or damage to the product, you may make a request for compensation service.
*Compensation will differ depending on the site on which the product was purchased, delivery method, weight, and other factors.
*Please be aware that an inspection must first be performed to determine whether compensation is possible.

Please see the Customer Protection Plan page for more information.

Customer Protection

Earn and use Rakuten Points

With Rakuten Global Express, you can use Rakuten Points on international shipping.

One of the best benefits of using Rakuten services. You can earn and use Rakuten Points for your next purchase on any of our Rakuten services.

About Rakuten Points