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  • Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Service provider (company name)

Cross Border Trading Dept., Rakuten Group, Inc.

Company address

1-14-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 158-0094


We provide international shipping to customer's home address for their items purchased on Rakuten's merchants, Rakuten Books, and other online stores.*The sales agreement for the items will be concluded between the customer and Rakuten's merchants, or Rakuten Books, or other online stores.We are not an item seller.* An international shipping service agreement is made and entered into by and between our customer and forwarding company. We provide freight delivery brokerage services on behalf of our customers.

Service price

Delivery brokerage fee (including agency cost in an international shipping fee)* See this section for more information.

Necessary cost other than service price

The price of items intended to be delivered must be paid by the customer to Rakuten's merchants, or Rakuten Books, or other online stores. Some shops might charge additional fees, such as a shipping cost. Confirm this on the website of each shop.
You will pay if they impose any tax, such as a tariff or value added tax.
You will also pay expenses, such as any shipping cost arising after arrival at your designated overseas destination or transportation cost of taking over your freight.

Effective term for your request

Finish your payment within seven days after we let you know your total payment amount. If we can’t confirm your payment within seven days, your order will be canceled, and we will discard your item in some cases.
Please be aware in advance that orders cannot be canceled by users once the shipping fee has been paid.

Notes on defective items

We provide international freight brokerage services and are not an item seller, so we will not assume any liability for defective items. We will not accept your item if you intend to return it back based on the cooling-off rules.

Service period

Packages are usually sent within three business days of payment receipt.

Payment method

Payment based on your Rakuten ID (payment with credit card, Paypal, Rakuten Points or Rakuten Cash)* We will not accept payment in any other manner.

Payment due date

In principle, you will make payment in advance.

Shipping cost for returned article

You will pay this cost even if you intend to replace the defective item(s).

Items that we cannot handle

Visit the page of countries / regions covered with our delivery service network.