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What is a PCC number that is required for Economy Air shipments to Republic of Korea?

PCC stands for Personal Customs Code, which is required for import customs clearance in Republic of Korea.
Rakuten Global Express requests customers shipping to Republic of Korea via Economy Air (ECMS) to complete the registration procedures for a PCC number in each shipment.

For customers who do NOT have a PCC number:
Customers who have not yet obtained a PCC number are kindly requested to obtain one in advance via the Korea Customs Service website as follows:
1. Access the Korea Customs Service website.
2. Complete the identity verification procedure.
3. Enter your name, resident registration number, and cell phone number on the PCC issuance application screen.
4. Complete the PCC number issuance process.
5. Proceed to “For customers who already have a PCC number”.

For customers who already have a PCC number:
After requesting shipment of your package, you will receive guidance on the PCC number registration procedure to the phone number listed in the shipping information, or to your linked e-mail address or KakaoTalk account.
Once you have received the notification, please follow the instructions to complete the registration procedure.

- The PCC registration guidance will be sent to you via our local agent in South Korea (Lotte Global Logistics).
- Please be aware that if you have not registered your PCC number, the export process from Japan may be stopped.
- The PCC number must match the recipient information at the time of shipment.
- If you are a non-South Korean citizen, you may submit your passport number instead of the PCC number.

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